Tropical Mango Brew


Today's summer recipe is all about mangoes with coffee. Now, you all must be thinking 🤔 hmmm, this is interesting!
As you all know summers in India is pretty hot and all Indians wait for mango season. Mangoes are used in a lot of recipes, infact I think every part of the mango tree is used for different purposes. Like, leaves are used for decoration, raw mangoes for making pickles etc. 
So, I thought why not experiment with the ripe Alphonso mango with our coffee.
Now, starts the excitement...I soaked the 2 mangoes a night before in water so that the heat present in it cools down a bit. This process is not a necessary step, you can always skip. 
But the second step is important - Here you have to steep the coffee powder in the water tied in a cloth or a filter basket for about 16 to 24hrs in the fridge. 
When all the flavors come into the water, that's the right method to make cold brew coffee. Trust me, it works amazing!

1. 2 Alphanso mangoes 
2. Cold-brew coffee ( Arabica Peaberry preferably)
3. Sugar syrup
4. Mint leaves and Cherry to garnish
5. Ice cubes

Make a thick juice of the two alphanso mangoes which were soaked overnight.
Now, take a glass of your choice, add the mango juice, a spoon or 2 of sugar syrup 
(according to your taste). 
I did not add the syrup because I like the natural sweetness of the mangoes. Also, Alphanso mangoes are generally very sweet. 
Then add the cold-brew coffee, ice cubes and  then again fill it up with some more mango juice up to the rim of the glass. 
Garnish it with Mint leaves and Cherry.

Our Coffee looks like this, isn't that amazing! 🥰😍

Our Arabica Peaberry Coffee ( DESIBEAN COFFEE - BLUE TIGER) freshly ground powder of mid grind size and full city roast was used to make a cold-brew. This Peaberry coming from high altitudes of Chikmaglur hills is rich and mild in flavor. 

We named this delicious Coffee as - Tropical Mango Brew. Try this recipe at home, enjoy it with friends and family. 
Thank you 😊


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