Black Currant Brew!

Black Currant Cold-brew Coffee Recipe

1. Fresh coarsely ground filter Coffee powder.
2. Water 
3. Black Currant syrup
4. Lemon
5. Ice cubes

1. Add 4tsp (around 40gms) freshly ground filter coffee 
(coarse grind preferably) to a muslin cloth or handkerchief and tie it from all sides like a bundle.
2. Put this Coffee bundle in Cold water 
(around 400ml) for 16 to 24 hours to brew in a fridge so that the water gets all the coffee flavor in it.
3. In a glass add 4 tsp of Black Currant syrup, a small pinch of salt to enhance the flavor, and lemon juice.
4. Now, add cold brew coffee in the glass, stir it well and enjoy! 


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